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Management and Nominated Personnel

Capt. John DISKOS, CEO & ATO Accountable Manager

Capt. DISKOS has over 25 years of experience in aviation. He served in Olympic Airways as Captain, Instructor and Examiner with extensive managerial experience in both training and safety departments. He is the founder of JETSTREAM Aviation Academy and the person who evaluates and prepares, assisted from his team, the company's strategic plans in the aviation industry.

Capt. Nikolaos VARSAKIS, COO & MTO Accountable Manager

Capt. VARSAKIS is a retired Hellenic Air Force (H.A.F.) fighter pilot, with 30 years overall experience as Fighter Pilot, Flight Instructor, Tactics & Weapon Instructor, Fleet Commander, Flight Standards Officer, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Compliance Monitoring & Safety Manager. He has been employed since the establishment of JETSTREAM back in 2008, with extensive experience in training, compliance, safety and management. 

Capt. Christos NIKOLOPOULOS, Chief Flight Instructor - Aeroplanes

Capt. NIKOLOPOULOS having more than +4,500 hrs flight time and his experience extends to both civil and military aviation, as he is a graduate of the Hellenic Air Force Academy, with an unblemished flight record throughout his Hellenic Air Force career. He has flown as a fighter pilot and instructor, test pilot for the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, fire fighter pilot and has many hours training pilot cadets.  His military background assures that he enforces discipline to his trainees which is a necessity for pilot training.

Capt. Nicolas BOULENGER, Chief Flight Instructor - Helicopters

Capt. BOULENGER has 25 years of extensive aviation experience, including Pilot Flying (6000Hrs), Air Traffic Control Management and Instruction in both airplanes and helicopters. During his flight carrier Nicolas was involved in VIP helicopters support for many years and services such as extensive aerial work, photography and film making duties. Nicolas boasts a Multi-cultural background which includes French, Belgian, Greek and American experience and residence combined with his strong interpersonal skills.

Capt. Evangelos THALASSINOS, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

Capt. THALASSINOS has 40 years of aviation experience and +6,000 hours flight time mostly flying VVIP/VIP airplanes (Falcon 900, Learjets, Hawker 125, Citations etc).  He started his career as an A &P Mechanic and    as a FAA full Instuctor (CFI, CFII, MEI) including later EASA FI(A), IRI,CRI.  Also he joined OLYMPIC  AIRLINES as Flight Engineer on B727 & A300 B4. He is holder of FAA, EASA, GCAA, GACA, Cayman, Togo ATPL (A).  He has international experience working in USA, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA.

Mr. Athanasios KOTITSAS, Compliance Monitoring Manager & Safety Manager

Mr. KOTITSAS has over 40 years Aviation experience in the field of Aerospace Engineering, Training, Quality and Safety. He has in depth knowledge of the theory, application and operation of aircraft, analytical, managerial, communication and problem solving skills with 16 years in supervising positions. Last years he was deeply involved in Quality & Compliance Monitoring Systems.

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