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Airline Courses

Operator's Courses

  • New EASA Regulations

    Do the new EASA regulations (216/2008 & 965/2012) give you a headache?
    Take a leap forward from the competition, and ensure regulatory compliance by attending our tailor made 2 day course, specifically designed for EASA operators
    Jetstream Aviation Academy will familiarize you with the many changes in the regulations and it is especially recommended to Accountable Managers and Management Staff.

  • Safety Management System Course

    Safety Management has become a core function of the new EASA Regulations. Jetstream Aviation Academy can offer you an ICAO based 5 day course in Safety Management Systems, that will ensure both regulatory compliance and quick adaptation to the new anagement system.
    This course is especially recommended to Safety Managers who wish to refresh their knowledge as well as Compliance Monitoring managers, and other postholders.

  • SAFA Briefing for Operators

    As EASA becomes more safety conscious, the SAFA program will undoubtedly be augmented. As an operator it is thus critical to the public image of your company to be aware of the inner workings of SAFA.
    Jetstream Aviation Academy can offer by specialized ex-NAA instructors, 1 day course especially recommended to Flight Ops Management and flight crew.

  • Emergency Response Planning Course

    In the new regulations EASA mandates that each operator must have as part of a pro-active Safety management System, an Emergency Response Plan. Jetstream Aviation Academy can offer you a range of courses based on Kenyon Intl. operating practises. These courses are especially recommended to Organizations who have sufficient manpower and wish to implement Emergency Response Planning, and Family Care in case of an event.
    Jetstream Aviation Academy can also assist your organization in preparing for a tabletop or actual exercise, as required.