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Dangerous Goods Regulations

Initial course for Pilots and Cabin Crew


The course run by Jetstream instructors approved by the Hellenic CAA.The Transport of Dangerous Goods course complies with EU-OPS 1 subpart R, ICAO-TI and IATA-DGR, and is primarily aimed at those involved in any aviation operation, relating to transport of DGR, and is designed to provide them with such information as precautionary and safety methods from possible hazards and risks when handling and carrying items designated as dangerous goods, plus the ability to understand, recognise and exercise care when in doubt. 

Once the training is completed and the test is successfully , (min. pass mark of 80%), the trainee is  awarded with a Jet Stream completion certificate approved by HCAA. In case of failing the exam, trainee has the right for a second exam. However, if failed in the second exam, before re-entry to the examinations, the applicant shall undertake further training as determined by IATA.

The validity of the Dangerous Goods Certificate is for 2 years / 24 months.

Training: Fulfilling the requirements for initial training in accordance with EU-Ops, ICAO and IATA


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Course Info
Min number of persons: 6
Duration: 1 day
Price: € 300.00 per trainee