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Synthetic Flight Instructor Course (SFI)

The privileges for the holder of SFI authorization are to carry out synthetic flight instruction for type ratings and the instruction required for multi crew cooperation.


  • Hold or have held a professional pilot license issued by an EASA Member State.
  • Have completed the simulator content of the applicable type rating course.
  • Have at least 1500 hours flying experience as pilot on a multi pilot aircraft.
  • Have completed within a period of 12 months a proficiency check as set out in Appendix I to PART FCL on a flight simulator of the applicable type.
  • Have completed within a period of 12 months,preceding the application, at least three route sectors as an observer on the flight deck of the applicable type or have completed within a period of 12 months preceding the application, at least 2 LOFT based simulator sessions conducted by qualified flight crew as an observer on the flight simulator deck of the applicable type.


Course Description

Theoretical Training
  • Teaching and Learning 25 hrs
Simulator Training per trainee
  • FFS use - Familiarisation with FFS 3 hrs
  • FFS SFI Training 3 hrs
  • FFS Supervised Training 4 hrs

For further information please complete and submit the Training Request Form.

Course Info
Min number of persons: 4
Max number of persons: 6
Duration: 5 days
Language: English
    In Dubai
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