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Command Upgrade Course

This course is designed for pilots who have completed more than 1500 hrs in Multi Pilot Airplanes and wish to remove the Copi (Co Pilot) restriction for the specific aircraft type rating, endorsed in their flight crew licence, according to EASA Part -  FCL in order to upgrade and act as Commanders.

Interactive ground-school followed by full flight simulator training and skill tests, with the knowledge and ability of be functioned effectively and professionally,   maintaining the highest standards of flight safety and service.

Theoretical train​ing

Duration 8 hrs (1 day)

One day of interactive ground-school. Topics covered on the course include, command skills, managing people, communication, leadership, analysis & decision-making, crew resource management, aviation law.

Simulator Training

Duration 4 hrs / trainee

The simulator training and skill test is planned to meet individual needs and to support the practical application of knowledge developed in the classroom.

The classroom content can be adapted to meet specific airline needs and the simulator syllabus can be moulded to almost any aircraft type.

For further information please complete and submit the Training Request Form.

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