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EASA Licence Conversion

An EASA pilot licence is accepted worldwide. Pilots who wish to be recruited and fly with a European airline must be holders of the EASA license. Additionally, pilots wishing to be recruited by any other international airline are most preferred.

Licences held in accordance with ICAO Annex 1 (e.g. FAA, CASA, Indian DGCA, Transport Canada etc.) can be converted to EASA licence. The first step to convert a non european licence is the succesfull pass of the 14 subjects of the ATPL theory. The flight training phase of the conversion depends on the applicant's previous experience. Then a skill test with a certified EASA examiner must be passed. For the endorsement of a Type Rating on the EASA  licence the applicant should have at least 500 hours on type.

For further information please complete and submit the Training Request Form, specifying "Licence Conversion Course".

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