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ATPL Initial Pilot Training

Airline pilot courses – soaring ambitions

There has never been a better time to train as an airline pilot. Worldwide demand for pilots is rising faster than new pilots are entering the profession.JETSTREAM’s mission is to provide cadet pilots – ready to take on the next step in their flying careers – to our partner airlines.

Holding two globally recognized Pilot licenses will be your unique asset in the demanding aviation world.

The routes for Professional Pilot Training

There are two routes for obtaining the professional Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) - the full time Integrated course and the part time Modular course. JETSTREAM Academy as a combined Flight and Type Rating Aviation Training Organization, is the only ATO offering the ATPL courses, in Athens Greece and in Dubai UAE. For the integrity of our professional training programs our academy utilizes the TALON system, designed specifically for the management of flight training, scheduling, curriculum, security, student records, resources, planning tools, flight following/operations and more. One of our key advantages is to ensure that the course curriculum is followed as designed providing an excellent platform for guidance to a large staff and student body.

The JETSTREAM Airline First Officer course and  the ATPL Training program comprises a comprehensive, complete package. The following will give you the information and the route of training obtaining your acquisition of the professional Airline Transport Pilot License.

ATPL Integrated

The Airline First Officer Course

Our flagship course - the Airline First Officer (AFO) - is a combined ATPL Integrated with A320 or B737NG Type Rating course (including the real Aircraft Training) and it is geared towards the needs of the airlines – right from day one. Does not require any previous flying experience and candidates upon completion are granted the EASA ATPL license with the Type Rating endorsement in 16 months.

It is clearly the most cost effective solution, offering the highest level of practical orientation, first-class training conditions and an optimal way to ascertain your career as a professional pilot. Airline standards and behavior are enforced during the training program and personal factors such as punctuality, reliability, and discipline are enhanced. In this program our primary aim is to provide an innovative set of high quality, value added features that work in combination with the core pilot training course to:

  1. Ensure that, through the use of the Professional pilot aptitude test (EPST compass test), we focus on each individual separately in order to ameliorate the core qualities needed to succeed.
  2. Develop a unique set of additional personal skills that enhance a candidate’s readiness for an airline career.
  3. Support our graduates with the Type Rating endorsement into meeting the requirements of airline selection criteria for employment as First Officers.

The ATPL Course

The ATPL Integrated is a full time course that will take candidates, with no previous flying experience, to acquire the EASA ATPL license in 15 months. The course combines in-depth theoretical knowledge instruction, intensive simulation and flight training, much of which are conducted in a scenario-based format designed to enhance critical decision-making skills. It provides a comprehensive understanding of aviation from the beginning of flight to the latest industry trends in-flight deck management. The simulation utilized throughout the program allows for a more comprehensive integration of the scenario based training philosophy, that is a central focus of the program. Training is conducted in a controlled environment ideal for not only honing piloting skills, but for the development of critical thinking.

In order to fully prepare for a First Officer position with an airline, candidates may continue with JETSTREAM for their Type Rating and aircraft training any time they wish or follow from the beginning our Airline First Officer Course.

ATPL Modular

The course does not require full classroom attendance and can be completed using our intuitive distance learning software. It Is flexible and can be completed part time, stage by stage. It is designed for individuals who do not wish to undertake a full-time training course or who wish to complete the ATPL modules over a period of time. At the first stage of the course, modular course cadets will gain the pre-entry requirement of a Private Pilot’s License before they continue to the ATPL modules with a Type Rating. There are no set start dates for this course, you can start at any time. Pilots following the ATPL Integrated or Modular course, may continue for their Type Rating any time after issuance of their CPL, ME/IR, MCC license.

Contact one of our training advisors listed below for further details.

Pre Entry Requirements

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy accepts applications for the ATPL courses from those who meet the following criteria:

  1. Are over 18 years old
  2. Hold a High school certificate
  3. Have a good knowledge of the English Language
  4. Have Excellent health
  5. Previous flying experience is not required

Steps Before Enrollment

For candidates meeting the pre entry criteria and wishing to enroll to one of our next courses they must:

  1. Complete and submit the Training Request Form along with a copy of your passport.
  2. Pass the general knowledge exams in Math, Physics and English (either online or in one of our training centers)
  3. Obtain a pilot Medical Class 1 Certificate, issued by an approved Aeromedical Center.
  4. Enrollment - Booking Deposit
  5. Undergo the basic Pilot Aptitude Assessment, the EPST Compass Test*

*The EPST Compass test is a one hour computer based test that is performed in our training centers in Athens or Dubai. Can be conducted after enrollment and any time before course start.

Get Started today!

If you decide to realize your dream with JETSTREAM Aviation Academy please fill in our Training Request Form. If you have all of the information you need to take your life in a new and exciting direction, enroll in one of our next ATPL courses today in Athens or Dubai. Your dedicated training advisor will guide you through all the required procedures.

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