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MCC Course

Multi Crew Co-operation Course

The MCC can either be completed as an independent course or be integrated into a Type Rating. The stand alone course is conducted in our JETSTREAM Training Center  at Athens International Airport, Greece.

Entry Requirements

  • PPL or CPL (EASA/ICAO Annex 1)
  • Valid Instrument Rating


Training schedule

  • 25 hrs. Theoretical Training.
  • 20 hrs. Simulator Training.


Course Duration

  • 8 days if conducted as an independent course.


Training devices

Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer IR/MCC Approved (FNPT II)

MCC on Multi Pilot Aircraft (as part of a Type Rating Programme)

  • 25 hrs of Theoretical Training
  • 3 additional Full Flight Simulator Sessions on type


Special Offer

Accommodation and transportation are offered free of charge in the stand alone course.

For further information please complete and submit the Training Request Form.

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Min number of persons: 2
Duration: 8 training days
    In Dubai
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