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ATPL Modular

The course does not require full classroom attendance and can be completed using our intuitive distance learning software. It Is flexible and can be completed part time, stage by stage. It is designed for individuals who do not wish to undertake a full-time training course or who wish to complete the ATPL modules over a period of time. At the first stage of the course, modular course cadets will gain the pre-entry requirement of a Private Pilot’s License before they continue to the ATPL modules with a Type Rating. There are no set start dates for this course, you can start at any time.

Pilots following the ATPL Modular course, may continue for their Type Rating any time after issuance of their Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine Piston - Instrument Rating and Multi Crew Cooperatin Certificate.

The Modules

There are several possible ways of combining the different modules of  the course.

  • Private Pilot License PPL(A)
  • Night Qualification Course
  • Hour Building
  • Commercial Pilot License CPL(A)
  • Multi Engine Piston Rating MEP(A)
  • Instrument Rating IR(A)
  • Multi Crew Cooperation MCC(A)

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Course Prerequisites
  • More than 18 years old
  • Excellent health, good vision
  • Proof of no criminal record
  • Fluent in English
  • Have a high school grade
Course Info
Duration: 14 months
Language: English
    In Dubai
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