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Aviation English Testing

General Information

JETSTREAM Aviation Academy has been approved by Hellenic CAA to perform certified ICAO Aviation English Language Proficiency tests up to level 6.

In partnership with Global Aviation Language Ltd in the U.K., JETSTREAM is providing the language proficiency testing system "ALPHA-TANGO" which is compliant with the ICAO and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rules and regulations (according to Part-FCL requirements).

Based on ICAO guidelines, the test focuses on 6 criteria, assessing both speaking and listening proficiency, in aviation related environment.

Testing is performed in our training facility at Athens International Airport, Monday to Friday from 09:00 till 18:00.

How to prepare?

Before the test you will get some preparation time and all necessary information concerning how the test is organised and what type of questions will be asked.

The Test

During the test, questions are asked by means of a computer, in both textual and audio form. The test consists of a 15 min. practice test to learn how the test works and then the 40 min. official certification test.

The candidate answers all questions orally. Two HCAA authorised assessors mark the answers in line with ICAO recommendations. At the end of the test, an overall score is determined (grades 1-6).

After the successful completion and depending on the grade obtained, JETSTREAM Aviation Academy will issue a HCAA Examination Report Form, on the basis of which the qualification “Language Proficiency English Level” will be indicated on the pilot’s licence.

The Levels

  • Level 6 is classified as expert level, valid for life.
  • Level 5 require a re-test at least every six (6) years.
  • Level 4 require a re-test at least every four (4) years.

  1. Levels 4 and 5 can later attain level 6 and therefore not require further testing.
  2. If a lower level 1 to 3 is attained the pilot’s licence cannot be issued.


How to book?

Please contact us (Athens: +30 210 6025700, / Dubai: +971 4 3922 200, ), to arrange your preferred testing date.