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Initial CRM/Human Factors Course

An interactive course that lasts 2 days and is primarily for pilots and cabin crew. Covers all the EU -OPS requirements and comprises basic theories, case studies, attitude development and basic CRM skills. The course is run by accredited CRM Instructors by the Hellenic CAA and complies with all requirements under the EU OPS regulations.

Recurrent CRM Course

The course lasts one day and is designed to continue the development of CRM skills as an annual refresher for pilots and cabin crew. The compliance requirements and content is developed annually with the client airline company to reflect the issues and culture within the airline. The course consists of the analysis of relevant incidents, practical exercises and general discussion.It is approved by Hellenic CAA and runs by Jet Stream accredited CRMI facilitators.

CRM Instructor course

The Hellenic CAA approved course predominantly lasts between three and five days depending upon the experience and requirements of the crew participants. It is suitable for pilots and cabin crew who will be gaining instructional skills to become CRM Instructors.

Training: Meets the requirements of EU Ops 1.943, 1.945, 1.955, 1.965, Section 2, AMC and IEM

  • Human errors and reliability
  • Company safety culture
  • SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Non technical skills threat and error management, stress, fatigue and vigilance
  • Communication and coordination
  • Leadership and team behaviour
  • Automatism
  • Situation awareness
  • Decision making

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Course Info
Min number of persons: 6
Duration: 2 days for initial / 1 day for annual recurrent
Price: € 350.00 per trainee/day