JETSTREAM Aviation Academy ready for first new airline pilot intake in UAE

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Greek-headquartered training organisation, JETSTREAM Aviation Academy, is now accepting enrollment for first officer training at its new Silicon Oasis training center in the UAE.

JETSTREAM approved ATO under both the EASA and the UAE - GCAA regulations, has launched its Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) and A320 or B737 type rating course which includes the new requirement of Aircraft Base Training.
Enrollment applications are being accepted for the newly introduced 16-month Airline First Officer course which takes place in Dubai and combines the ATPL, the type rating on Airbus A320 or Boeing B737, and the actual aircraft Base Training.
Successful students will be licensed by two globally leading authorities and will have obtained all these skills and attributes, in all aspects of flying and personal aptitude, required to face and meet the expectations of the demanding aviation industry that will make them attractive for prospect employment by any world-class airline.
Capt. John Diskos the CEO and head of training said: ‘JETSTREAM is the first ATO approved under the new GCAA regulations. The cost effective Airline First Officer course, has been designed for individuals who aim directly to the airline’s pilot seat. The program emphasizes superior aeronautical decision making utilizing advanced aircraft and flight simulation, in a proficiency-based training environment. It is conducted in a controlled environment ideal for the development of critical thinking, and excellence is achieved through the integrated nature of the course for the next generation commercial pilots.
JETSTREAM’s fleet of aircraft and simulators provide the opportunity for students to apply the skills and concepts learned in the ground. ‘We believe that only the most advanced aircraft should be used to ensure the success of students. All training activities are designed using the most advanced concepts in modern-day instruction. New pilots are trained to work together as a crew from the outset using standardized airline call-outs and checklist philosophy. Emphasis is placed on airman-ship and the human factors behind decision-making and conflict resolution.’ said the chief flight instructor (CFI) Capt. E. Andreadis.
Classes begin in September and November 2013.

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